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I Care Because

my son considered suicide because of bullying, and he is still bullied to this day.  If you see this then please pray an unspoken request on his behalf that he gains confidence, wisdom, self - love, self - esteem and the will to stand up to children AND adult bullies.

Anonymous, 43, Alabama

children dont deserve to be picked on , for someone to single out an individual because there different. it can make people do horrible things , make them feel alone , like there nothing special , like no-one cares . ive been bullied before and i know how horrible it makes someone feel. they kept calling me fat and chubby and they just mulipulated me . i had friends who really cared but at that point i didnt even fell that they cared because i thought i was alone . it went on for about 6 mounths untill i realized how much my friends cared . i told my teacher and it all got sorted out they never dd it again. But some children cant  make it stop which is why they need help . SO HELP STOP BULLYING AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE ! 

Rebekah , 12, England

I care beacuse my little 12 year old cousin tried to commit suiside beacuse she was bullied by a group of boys at her school. I love her dearly and I want Bullying to stop. NOW!!!! For everyone's ake, Please help stop bullying. You CAN and WILL amke a difference.

Briyanna stickland, 15, DE

I care because I have been bullied before. It was only from one girl, but she made me feel so ugly. My weight, posture, make-up, and hair wasn't right. I finally stood up to her and she eventually stopped. I then started standing up for other students and teachers as well! This is an amazing program and please help high schoolers graduate with a smile.

Sara, 18, Couch, MO.


i believe that people should not bully others. the reason i believe that is that when people bully me it doesn?t feel good and people shouldn?t have to go through that. It's not so fun being called names, pushed around, or anything like that, I care because I believe that we as a world can come together to prevent bullying from happening. Bullying is a very serious cause and causes much, much damage on the victim's life. I care because I too was bullied. 
over the years i?ve been bullied a lot. for multiple reasons, my hair looking crazy or me not wearing the latest clothing. bullying is in our nature so we just can't help it. it has became so harsh, theres cyber, verbal, physical, and social ways to be bullied people getting beat up, people have been overcome with depression or even anorexia maybe they even committed suicide. Therefore, we need to stick together and be nice to one another. If you're the bully, take a walk in your victim's shoe and see how it feels to them.
It breaks my heart that people get bullied,including me. I don't understand why people think its ok to hurt someone from the inside and out.I  never want anyone to have to face bullying. we are all different. Everyone judges someone even if they don't know the person. 

****, 12, irmo south carolina

I get bullied at school. Its horrible when your scared to go to school because of the bullies. I think demi is doing a great job preventing bulling for kids that get bullied. 

Amy, 14, DU

I was bullied and it was a seriosu case to me . I cried and refuse to go to school cause they will make fun of me . I used to bullied people in elementry school , and it didn't felt good . Actually i felt bad . Now that i was being bullied , i realize that how much pain i cause to the people i hurt . This site change me , to a way better person . Demi Lovato' is truly a great role model .

Farra, 14, MA

Help the cause and telll everyone abou the PACER

hannah, 13, ky

 I care because that is a big thing that kids are doing now and days but it leads to crime,devistation and a whole lot of things! we should all stop bullying people and be kind because if something happens to them like a suiside....that bully will be responsible for EVERYTHING!  so we should just stop it before something happens and i dont want to see anything bad happen! we are kids/teens and we should come together and make a change in this horrible crime thats happening!   MAKE A CHANGE IN AMERICA!!! STOP BULLYING PEOPLE OR ELSE!!!!!!!  

jessica, 13, fl

I didn't think I was a bully but others did. i've done some pretty bad stuff like getting into someones personal email and sending mean emails to all of theri contacts and now i feel TERRIBLE but with the help of my parents i talked to them and i am waiting to hear back from a counsler to see if i qualify. thank you PACER you have helped me become the better person!

alex, 13, AK

I have been bullied my whole life. Why? Because I can sing with vibrato. Not many people can get this skill at a young age. they get it when they are older. I got it when I was 7. I got made fun of everyday. The etachers even told me to "sing like a normal kid". I was crushed. And then people would judge me on m singing. Some people thought I was an arrogant snob. there is also a bully who sits next to me on the bus. So why don'y I get a new seat? There are no other seats. He's mean to my friend because she's Jewish, and about everyone I know. I've gone to the counciller. So has  my friend. She also went to our teachers. But he still bullies. I hope bullying will end because wrll What good does it do. It is ot fair to treat kids like that just because they aree different than you.

Raquel, 12, NJ

I care because, I've seen students being bullied. The students balling up inside and having no one to turn to, its a terrible thing. When I were to see someone being bullied I'd help the one becoming bullied. It's not right, nobody deserves to become bullied. If we don't help the ones who are being bullied then were just as bad as the one who is doing the bullying. STOP BULLYING!

Cassandra, 19, Indiana

I feel alone alot of the time because i havnt got as much friends as when i did was in my other school and i think its because my friends have got new friends now. there are these kids at school that stick things on my back and i am teased because i am quite shy. they embarress me and i go red, when i go red they tease me about that too. im not hurt physically but i am hurt emoticonily, i dont want to go to school either really now because i am scared something else will make me feel worse. 

Lucy, 12, ny

hi demi  I was on this website  and read it ,  I  was bullied  being in junior infants by a girl and I told my parents and teacher anf they tried to solve it, and nothing  change  so I  said to myself  I  don't  have to putting up with  this stuff  I  have my friends,family and teachers. So I stood  up for myself and I wasn't bullied again!!!!!!!!! :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:

p.s  I am a  huge fan of your work!!!!!!

siobhan xxxxxx, 11, uk

Bullying is silly. Who would have fun being cruel, rude or mean to someone? Being prejudice or saying hurtful comments isn't at al fun! Bullying must be stopped. And if any of you bullies are reading this, think abiut this... Why?

Sammy, 14, Australia

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Student Action Plan Against Bullying

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Schedule Erin Barlow to speak in your community

Barlow, a Theater major at UCLA, is available to speak to middle and high school students around the United States. Erin shares her powerful story to encourage all to seek support, to talk with someone and to know that PACER is here for them. It is Barlow’s mission to let all know they are not alone.

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KakashiI, a 17-year-old from Los Angeles, writes: “I have been bullied because my love for anime is ‘too extreme.’ People have picked on me for the way I run, the things I like, and the clothes I wear. It is not fair to judge me based on my love for Japanese culture. I care because I feel everyone should be able to enjoy what they love and what they do without the cruel judgments of ‘normies.’”

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Hold an event in your community

A complete event toolkit provides resources and giveaways to initiate conversation and action on ways to “be there” for those who experience bullying, providing kindness, hope, and support. The toolkit can be used in coordination with a bullying prevention event in the school or community, such as a Run, Walk, Roll Against Bullying, school open house, or parent-teacher conferences.

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Buckle Believes in Bullying Prevention

The Buckle believes that good business starts with good people doing good and giving back. It’s a passion and a genuine willingness to make an impact. And so together, Buckle chooses to take a stance against bullying with PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center by contributing 10% of the purchase price from select Buckle Believes styles to support bullying prevention.

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