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Personal Stories and Advice to Parents Hub

If you are a student or young adult with a disability, and you are starting to think a lot more about your future, you have come to the right place! Do you want to get more education after high school? Do you want to work? Where do you want to live? Do you want to learn to drive, or learn to ride the public buses and trains? Do you want to have people in your life to help you take care of your health or finances? And what do you want to do in your free time? The videos and other resources here will help you with these questions, and they were all made by, with, or for young people with disabilities like yourself. So, dive in and have fun! And remember, only you can dream up your own future – but you can get help from a lot of people along the way!

Go out and live self-determined lives. Many other people can assist you along the way, but they cannot do it for you. – Nick Wilkie

Training & College Opportunities

Continuing your education after high school could be an important part of your life. But thinking about getting technical training after high school or going to college can feel overwhelming. You may be worried about how to find the right program for you or how much it is going to cost. Learn more about how you can get the support you need to succeed.

Employment Stories

Are you thinking about working, but you're not sure how to look for work, or even what kind of work interests you? Or do you know what your dream career is, but you're struggling to figure out how to make it a reality? Whatever your questions are about the world of work and careers, it is important to learn about the people and the resources that can help you.