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Fun Times

Fun Times Project Overview

Fun Times is a volunteer, social program that connects teens and young adults with and without disabilities. The Fun Times concept was originally created by Win Bennett, the sibling of a teen with a disability, and other high school students. His idea: to create a program where kids can meet and go out on the weekend to hang out like any other teen. With PACER’s help, the first Fun Times group was started in 2004 with participants from all over the Metro area. With the success of the core group, PACER would like to help other communities start their own group.

Fun Times Project Services:

  • Holds Fun Times events 4-5 times a year
  • Presents a workshop on how to start and organize a Fun Times group in your community
  • Provides training and information for teen volunteers, parents and school staff to pilot Fun Times sites
  • Publishes a Fun Times brochure, video and information to pilot Fun Times sites

For more information, please read the article "Making Friends and Making a Difference" as published in PACER Partners.

If you are a high school student or young adult interested in participating or volunteering with Fun Times, call PACER at 952-838-9000 or email, fax, or mail the form below.