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MATT - A film about the power of never giving up

MATT - A film about the power of never giving up

This is a film about MATT who was given a 5% chance of survival at birth. Not only has he survived but he has become an inspiration for an entire community

Matthew Tapia was born 3 months pre-mature, a mere 1.5 pounds. Doctors gave him a 5% chance of survival, and if he was able to defy the odds he would barely be able to speak or even walk. 18 years later, Matt is a senior at Santa Monica High School. Gregarious and defiant, Matt has used his stubbornness to not only survive but put himself on track to attend college next year. Matt is a huge sports fan and dreams of being a play by play guy one day. Heading into his senior year, Matt took advantage of an opportunity offered to him by a brave coach and some open minded kids, and joined the football team. Matt didn't miss a practice all year. The indomitable spirit and positive attitude that Matt exuded inspired a team in search of an identity. They rallied around Matt, made him part of the team, and hung out with him after school. For a kid who battled a stigma of mental illness his whole life, he had now found a band of brothers he can call family. The team had a winning season and marched into the 2nd round of the playoffs, but this season was about more than wins and losses, it was about overcoming obstacles.

  • Author: Matt the Film
  • Duration: 1:17 minutes
  • Date Posted: 6/5/2014

Matt encourages everyone to support the National Bullying Prevention Center. He believes all kids should be given the opportunities that he's been able to take advantage of, regardless of the challenges they face. Matt wants all kids to be empowered and included and not bullied. Sign up at Matt, The Film website or to honor Matt and the film donate directly on PACER’s website.

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Matt, is a Diesel Films, Inc. original short about the power of never giving up. Diesel Films is a Santa Monica creative agency that creates compelling content for the some of the biggest brands in the world. Diesel stands by its philosophy of BELIEVE, CREATE, & INSPIRE.

Interview with Executive Producer Seth Shapiro, an Emmy Award winning creative that has worked for and with some of the biggest names in the world of sports and entertainment. Shapiro just collected his 2nd Emmy Award for his Senior Producer role with NFL UP! the innovative fitness activation from Shapiro has fostered the growth of Diesel Films, who has worked with 50 Fortune 500 companies, producing some of their highest rated work to date.